A Brighter and Safe Addition To Your Kitchen

Being ranked as the best ceramic cookware set by cook with tina, it is certainly a surprise when it only costs 160 dollars. If you didn’t know, ceramic cookware has been around for many years. They’re certainly the best type of cookware that you can own in your kitchen as they come in funky colours and they’re super eco-friendly.

Non Stick Cookware ?

Owning a non-stick cookware set will definitely be beneficial for you especially if you’re always on the go. You don’t need to worry buying an expensive microwave to reheat your leftovers. If you own an induction cooktop, find a non-stick that has a stainless steel base. There are many great features you will get if you purchase a non-stick cookware. Not only are they economically cheap for struggling college students, they have been known to be eco-friendly.

Easy Maintenance

A non-stick cookware is super easy to maintain. Unlike stainless steel cookware, non-stick will not have burnt stains to scrape off. You can use a normal sponge and a dishwashing liquid to clean them after using. You also don’t need to use those special Bar Keepers Friend to polish it afterwards.

Healthier Lifestyle

As non-stick pots and pans are usually made out of aluminium, you will not suffer from uneven heating so you can definitely sear many fish fillets without worrying if any of them are not thoroughly cooked. You also don’t need to use butter or any sort of cooking oil. This will definitely be beneficial if you love to whip up omelettes in the mornings. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to use an unhealthy amount butter to coat your pan for your first meal of the day.

WearEver Ceramic Cookware Set


You don’t need to fret when moving your ceramic pan into the oven because it can be exposed up to 350˚F. Although if it’s on your cooktop, it can be exposed up to 700˚F. Also it is absolutely safe since the non-stick ceramic coating is not harmful in any way. It has great and comfortable riveted handles that has the same colour as the pan.

Overall Grippness

They’re surprisingly soft in your grip so you don’t need to worry about sharp edges hurting your hands especially when you’re carrying hot soups. Their bases are also cladded with aluminium. This will ensure that the heat distribution will be much better and consistent than stainless steel.

Cookware Base

Not only is the base aluminium, the entire pan is made out of aluminium. The ceramic coating is used to help this cookware resist stain and lower the risk of rusting. These pots and pans have been manufactured to help make your kitchen experience memorable.


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Best Coffee Grinder 2016 – My Pick

10148As a coffee lover, I have always wished to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee whenever I need it. I have noticed that getting coffee from coffee bars where one has to queue in waiting to be served may be a bit more costly and time consuming than grinding and brewing your own coffee with a coffee grinder at home. Knowing this, I sort to find out the best coffee grinder 2016 in terms of quality, style, capacity, usability and consistency. From my analysis on the grinders available in the market in 2016, I narrowed down to Baratza Encore- Conical Burr coffee grinder as the most recommendable and best coffee grinder 2016.

The features that make this coffee grinder highly recommendable include its elegant style, the fact that it has an on-off switch with no timer making it easier to use and its coffee hopper that has a relatively large capacity that can hold 8 oz, which is equivalent to 227g of coffee beans. Additionally, the coffee grinder has a considerable grind speed that ranges between 0.8 g to 1.1g for every second and comes with more than 40 grind settings that range from fine to course depending on ones preferences. The grinder can also be used with a variety of other methods of coffee brewing that include the Aeropress, and French Press.

The fact that Baratza Encore coffee grinder uses a burr instead of a blade enables it to produce an extra consistent grind and produces less noise and less heat. The cost of Baratza Encore coffee grinder is about $130, which is relatively high, but the quality and efficiency of the coffee grinder is worth every dollar. The Baratza Encore coffee grinder is not only an outstanding coffee grinder but also enhances the quality and flavor of the coffee it brews making it the best coffee grinder 2016.

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A Good Bread Machine is a Great Investment

I still remember the days my mom used to make our bread by hand, working for hours to knead the dough to perfection. Lucky for us, those days are gone and a good bread machine is easy to find. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly starter model or a high-end appliance to grace your kitchen counter, with a little research you’ll find the perfect machine for your needs.


The Hamilton Beach Homemaker 2lb bread machine is an excellent starter option for those of you who are just getting into breadmaking and don’t want to make a big investment. While its control panel is simple, you can still choose from 12 different settings, including French bread and Quick bread options. Plus, you can customize your crust based on your personal preference, all at the touch of a button. The Homemaker’s biggest selling point, however, could it’s high ratings for gluten-free recipes. With a retail price that is just under $40, this is a good bread machine for the money.

Cuisinart has been a steady presence in the household appliance business for more than 40 years, so it’s no surprise that the Cuisinart CBK-200 bread maker is one of the top selling models on the market today. Unlike many of its competitors, the CBK-200 has a whopping 16 settings to choose from. For those of you who like adding a little something extra to your recipes (think sweet dates and pecans or savory bacon), this Cuisinart model even has an audible alert to let you know just the right time for you to add your mix-ins. Bonus? With its sleek, stainless steel design, I’d almost be tempted to leave it out on the counter even when not in use.

For me, there’s an ideal balance between price point and features, and the Oster 2.0 Expressbake strikes that balance perfectly. At just $60, this model is not going to break the bank, but it has all of the settings I need in a good bread machine. As the name implies, the express setting is a valuable feature, allowing me to bake the perfect loaf of bread in just under an hour. (Now that’s something I will never tell my mom.)

You can call me old-fashioned, but I truly believe there’s nothing quite like the smell of homemade bread drifting out of the kitchen. If you’re like me, once you have a good bread machine in the house, you’ll be looking for any excuse to bake.

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A kitchen blender for healthy drinks

Most homes at one time or the other needs to blend a smooth drink or milk. Honestly i believe you require the best kitchen blender in terms of durability, quality performance and a stylish outlook. A good blender should be able to crush frozen drinks to a smooth paste. Watch out for the following to help you make the right choice.

smoothieAsk yourself what you would be blending most; a milk shake, frozen drink or a high fiber content fruit. choose one that can withstand performance under high pressure without heating up and cracking. You can try out for example vita mix blender. A good blender has a tube from the bottom of the jug rising to the top on which several razor sharp blades are attached. This will enable blending the whole content of the jug without having air pockets.

Most blender containers are made of either plastic or glass. nothing is so demoralizing as a container breaking down during blending. I therefore recommend light weight plastic containers. Not only are they not so brittle but easy to clean as well. The container should have clearly graduated measurement and a big mouth to allow easy loading and off loading.

Before buying the blender consider the amount of space it will occupy in your kitchen. A good asset may be worth the space it occupies in the kitchen cabinet. in the long run it provides you with the best quality work even if it is a full size unit with some attachments.

It is not so easy to find one blender that fits all your blending needs. You might need a personal blender as well as full size units for different occasions. For the frozen drinks or margarita frozen concoctions it may be worth checking out a personal size blender.

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Bought a dehumidifier with pump for my house

Dehumidifiers are used in humid spaces to dry the air and control a proper humidity level,to eliminate the damp conditions of bacteria etc.

I personally love them, they are user friendly making it easy to use and operate, easy maintenance and best of all, you don’t need to get all worked up because of a high electricity bill, i was also surprised to learn that. After checking out some reviews online for the best dehumidifiers with pump I bought my own dehumidifier for home.


There is one that i use in my house, Friedrich D50BP 50 Dehumidifier and honestly speaking its the best i have ever bought to say the least. You never have to use a bucket again, it does the work for you. It allows you drain water manually and pulls out from the front of the dehumidifier for simple drainage and to avoid constantly draining the bucket, you can use the drain method, its easier and not time consuming.

The dehumidifier has convenient indicators for good performance and easy maintenance which also help in preventing the equipment from damage by automatically shutting down until the bucket is emptied.
It also has some very nice features like having four rolling casters that make it easy to move from one room to another, electronic controls that help in monitoring the humidity level and having a comfortable room temperature, you can set it at your desired humidity and it will maintain it without intervention, it damages excess humidity in rooms and basement conveniently and you can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius and it is equipped with a two-speed fan.

It is also wise to consider that it can be a bit loud on high but to avoid that, you can try running it low when inside a room and switching it to a higher speed when you leave the room.

There are many types of dehumidifiers but as for me, i preferred the Friedrich D50BP 50 Dehumidifier.

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How I Discovered Why I Chose The Perfect Elliptical Trainer

Most people will definitely stress-out about many crucial decisions you have to question when thinking about your diet or workout plan. I know I did when I had to tirelessly ponder about how to choose the best elliptical trainer myself. So believe me, I understand exactly what it takes and what you have to look at in order to find the perfect fit.

First off, always get a brand new if not a well-running crossfit or elliptical trainer because an old one can ruin your workout regime. I mean you’ll get a good workout session but if the machinery isn’t completely oiled and at it’s best, you won’t get prime results. In my experience, it not necessarily about how to choose the best elliptical trainer but why you chose it.


I say that it all simply boils down to a matter of personal preference. That’s because to tell you the complete and honest truth that most professionals trainers or experts in the field won’t give you is that just about any elliptical trainer will work just fine. Yeah, that’s right. Just about any machine you use can potentially give you similar results depending on how much hard work you’re putting in. For instance, If you’re giving it your all and going 110 percent, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll see incredibly stunning results. I say this from personal experience not just small talk so believe me when I say it’s not entirely about how but again, why you decided to choose. That decides the real impact you’ll be able to make.

Helpful information: Effective elliptical workout

In fact, I chose a quite basic elliptical trainer yet the effort I put into my intense workout sessions has definitely debunked any of my thoughts or theories about this myth. I know, this knowledge is pretty eye-opening once you really break it down. Most people would assume that if you buy the most expensive equipment or material that you’ll somehow find a shortcut or a better way. Sadly nothing comes easy without hard work and I know it personally, thinking about food and ice cream seriously never helped me. (More: Elliptical trainer buyer’s guide)

In conclusion, I think the best way is always your own unique way such as my workouts are mine, your’s are your’s. You don’t always need to read a book or watch hundreds or workout DVD’s, though it doesn’t hurt it won’t make all the difference. For that reason I’m aware that as long as my mind is set on my goals, nothing can block my attempts to prosper.

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Why I Would Carry an Air Mattress on a Camping Trip

An air mattress is one of the best companions that you will need when you venture out for a camping vacation. A lot of people dream of taking a vacation to Africa and watching the wild animals and the wild rugged terrains that make it a favorite tourist destination for many. Well, if you are thinking of embarking on a trip to enjoy the serenity of a starlit sky and an occasional roar of a lion at night, just pack a good quality air mattress and head out to Africa.

As we discovered on our trip to Samburu, Kenya just like many other camping enthusiasts, an air mattress solves almost all of your sleeping problems. I discovered that it inflates and deflates easily. We had with us a bicycle pump, so inflating it was easy. As it turned out, this is a convenient accessory that you need to accompany an air mattress. Some mattresses do come with an inbuilt foot pump. However, most air mattress manufacturers have provided the option of an electric pump which can be plugged into the car’s charger.

It would be a big disappointment if you went camping and your air mattress got nicked thereby letting out all the air. To avoid this, you must ensure that the air mattress that you are buying is handy and warranty-backed by the seller. We carried single-height mattresses which were perfect because they fitted in the tents. Another discovery we made was that an air mattress should be airtight to avoid you rolling over or even deflating it yourself when you lie on it. We recommend a cheap Intex air mattress. (The official site here)

An air mattress is a great companion for a camping enthusiast because it is compact when folded and easy to carry. It is also not that heavy and you can easily carry it in the trunk of your car. Even though we were novices on our first camping trip, I now know the air mattress to carry and what to do in my next camping trip.

More information: 5 camping websites that will blow your mind

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Where Does Your Accountant Work?


For years, I have been dealing with an accountant who has helped me to keep my financial records straight as a freelancer. She has helped me to stay on the right side of the tax authorities, and has even helped me to chase up late payments from clients, letting me focus on the work I love.

The amazing thing is that until recently, I never realized that she is working from home, just like me!

But how could this be? How on Earth could I not know her address? Was I passing my financial records and receipts to her via a covert location, such as a dry cleaning store (like a spy movie)?

No. All this time, I have been communicating with her via email and sending her my records to her office address, a regular street address in a commercial area in NYC. When we had to meet (which was not often), we would meet in a coffee shop or in my home office.

So, does she live in her office?? No!

She has a virtual office in NYC, but works from home!

She told me this because I was asking her for advice on choosing a virtual office for myself. She recommended her own virtual office, and the penny dropped.

For a professional who works off-site for a large number of clients, but does not need a lot of floor space, a virtual office is a great idea. It allows you to maintain a business address without needing to be there in person.

For many, this is just a matter of convenience, but I was thinking recently about how this could let a person live a much more relaxed professional life while appearing to be marching in line with the rest of the business world. For instance, who wouldn’t prefer to work from a beach-side coffee shop instead of an office? However, would you hire someone who told you that they were working from a coffee shop?

Any time I visit my local Starbucks, I can see lots of people working with their laptop, using the free wi-fi access. I wonder now how many of these people are using a virtual office to appear “legit.”

In addition, you are not limited to working from just one country! I have recently landed a number of Asian clients, and I am considering setting up a virtual office in Hong Kong to help me expand my business in this direction.

This is a good cheap way for a small-time freelancer like myself to transform into a globe spanning multi-national!

The advantages of getting a virtual office – http://www.webnetlet.net

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